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Infiniti J-30 1995

We had this car for 9 years and it is truly mostly outstanding. However, the drivers side door refuses to respond to the opening efforts. We took it to a dealer and they could not solve it without destroying the door panel and even then were not sure what was the problem. Anyone have any thoughts? We tried fuses, force, and nothing works.

It sounds like it’s misaligned. Look at the gap between the door and the rest of the car. You should see the door pushed up against the rub spot. Try to align the door to pull it away from the narrow gap and then open it. You may rub the paint off, but that can be fixed with touch up paint. It might help to have someone inside and outside the car at the same time. After it’s open, tighten the hinges onto the body and door. You should see some dirt outlining the spot where the hinge belongs. If this doesn’t work, you might need a narrow tool to help align the door. A plastic putty knife might work well. You can find them at the hardware store.

Thanks, it it worth a try.