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Infiniti G35 with "thunking" noises from front end

For a while my G35 has been making a thunking sound from the front end when either I go over bumps or I apply the brakes lightly at speed. It happens on both the right and left side (i.e. if I go over a bump with my left tire, it happens on the left side, with my right tire, on the right side, etc). I’d like to get an idea of what it is before I take it to mechanic (or determine if it’s something I can fix myself).


Infiniti G35

Model-Year ?


Year is 2004, model 6MT

There are a lot of things this could be. You might have worn shock/strut bushings, the ball joints, may be shot, and/or the tie rods may be shot. You need to look at this ASAP as anything other than worn shock bushings poses a serious safety issue to you and anyone on the road around you. You can use this as a time to replace other wear items like brake pads and shocks/struts at the same time. If there is any question, replace the part. You will save more than taking it to a shop and won’t have to redo part of the job in the future.

Yes, you can do this yourself. If this is your first time, block out a day to complete this job. You will need jack stands which you can pickup for $30-40 on sale. You will also need several tools for this job such as a ball joint press, tie rod/ball joint separators, a hammer, many different sizes of sockets, a torque wrench, snap ring pliers, etc. Many of these tools are available as “loan a tools” from parts stores. You buy the tool and they allow you to return it for a full refund when you are done.

If you feel you are in over your head, I would suggest taking it to a shop for two reasons. 1. You can get the car apart but not back together. You risk needing to have it towed or hire an onsite mechanic which would wipe out any cost savings. 2. If done wrong, this can pose serious safety concerns for you and others driving around your car.

If you decide to do it yourself, the first place you should drive after the work is the alignment shop. Depending on how well you do, the car may drive very poorly from alignment you just messed up and will definitely put excess wear on the tires. Get it aligned ASAP as there is no way to do this perfectly yourself.


Control Arm Bushings, Struts, And Stabilizer Bar Mounts, Come To Mind, But I See That Infinity Issued An 11 Page TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) In March Of 2008 Covering:

Models Include only:
2004 - 2006 G35 Coupe(CV35)
2004 - 2006 G35 Sedan (V35)

They don’t say, but sometimes when a common problem occurs on a particula model then replacement parts are revised (improved) to solve the problem. The noise can come from damaged right/left compression rod bushings. It looks like one end of the rod has a ball joint and the other end, a bushing. A press is being shown for bushing installation.

The bulletin details parts information and installation.

If this is your “Thunk” then perhaps a complete replacement rod is available somewhere at a reasonable cost.

Take a look at Infinity TSB # ITB08-013


Digaram, Here:


Link To TSB:


Thanks. Assuming the problem is as mentioned in the Service Bulletin, is this something that I’d be better off taking to the dealer rather than an independent mechanic? It seems that some specialized tools are required for pressing the bushing; are they something a non-dealer is likely to have, assuming they don’t specialize in Nissan/Infiniti?

This TSB Just Stood Out Because Of Limited Modes/Model-Years Covered. Most Of The Complaints I’ve Seen Talk About A Creaking Noise, Not A Thunk, But I’m Not Sure What Happens To These Questionable Bushings. I Don’t Know If The Bushing Fails To The Point Of Causing A Thunk.

Proper diagnosis as to the exact cause of the Thunking would be worth the time and money. Replacing parts to see if the noise is gone can be frustrating and expensive.

Has the car ever made the creaking noise over small bumps or braking ?


It does make the sound during partial, but not full-on braking. And I wouldn’t consider it a creak at all.

Have the dealer give you a free estimate. Then take it elsewhere.

Have someone check out the sway bar links.

As well as the sway bar bushings.

The bottom line is that someone needs to get under the car and shake a few things. Sway bar bushings are common thunkers, especially the ones that hold the bar to the chassis, simply because the bar twists and turns within the rubber hole with every verticle wheel movement, and the metal bar wears the hole bigger. But ither bushings wear out too, as do the bar link ends and other stuff.

The good news is that finding the osurce of the thunk is not high tech, not expensive, and the repair is usually pretty cheap as well.

Hey guys I own a Infiniti g25 2012 I have been having issues with the front driver side suspension making knocking noise when driving over small bumps, or cracked pavement and while driving on the freeway my car starts making humming/rumbling or even like a low groaning noise when I reach the speed of 50-70 it gets even louder coming off ramps or speeding on to the freeway. Now my steering wheel feels loose and have to turn around many times just to make a simple turn and also it handles poorly when driving over 60. I have been in and out of the Infiniti dealership for months now and they cant figure out the issues they had purchase new tires the noise still didn’t go away. I been reading other forum a lot of Infiniti g35 and 37 had the same problem. Could it be the compression rod or the bushing ? Please help thanks