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G37x - 2009 - Knocking sound in the front-end

We have a 2009 G37x that is only a couple of months old. There is a noise coming from the front-end that sounds as if something is loose. The best way I can describe the noise in words is a knocking sound. I is most noticable at low to moderate speeds when going over minor bumps in the road. It is also noticeable when turning at low speed and going over irregularities in the pavement, for example turning into a driveway and hitting its lip. I can duplicate the noise by rocking the steering wheel left to right and back at moderate speed. Of course, the service guy said that he and a mechanic could not hear said noise. We had a 2002 Lincoln LS that made a similar noise which was fixed by replacing the bushings on the front stabilizer bar. That car had 160K miles on it. The G has about 7K. Any and all thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Has anyone else heard the noise? If you can make to clank on command, take a friend or two out and practice making it clank. Then take the dealer rep out for a drive and do it for him. Sometimes problems start out intermittent and become more frequent. It may require patience until it clanks often and loud enough for the dealer to work on it. You could also try a different dealer. Warranty work can be done at any dealer.

Did you get a receipt for the visit? Make sure you get one at every visit, and don’t be shy about taking the car back. In the future, you may decide that it’s a lemon and want to return it. You need the receipts to prove that you were there. I’m not suggesting that your car is a lemon, but if you ant solve the issue in the next 6 month, you may consider returning it.

Take the technician for a ride and demonstrate the noise to them. The service guy (front desk) is just a go between.

You paid a luxury-level price for that car, so you deserve luxury-level service.
Give the dealership another chance to remedy the situation, and if that is to no avail, then you need to kick your complaint up to the corporate level.

Open the Owner’s Manual and find the contact information for Nissan/Infiniti customer service.
Once problems are reported to the corporate level, those folks can usually “motivate” a dealership to fix a persistent problem.

If you are civil–but firm–in your request for remediation of this problem, you should be successful.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I took the G in for service a 2nd time and took a tech for a ride myself. The knocking sound was obvious. They fixed the problem which was caused by a broken link for the front anti-sway bar.