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Infermittent engine shutoff

Every few months, completely without warning, when city driving, if I remove my foot from gas to turn a corner, for instance, the engine will shut off, oil light comes on, lose power steering. Extremely disconcerting. Have a feeling it’s electrical in nature, but have taken to 5 mechanics who can’t pinpoint the problem. Doesn’t seem related to weather or any other environmental reason. Car runs well otherwise. Any help appreciated. Thanks

At low speed, the idle air control valve (iacv) adds additional air, and the fuel injectors adds additional fuel, as ordered by the engine computer. If the iacv , and the fuel injectors, don’t comply, a mechanic should determine, 1. if they got the orders, 2. if they responded, 3. if their responses were effective. A mechanic is expected to be able to make these determinations.
Some tuneup procedures should be done: spark plugs and wires; check fuel pressure (newish fuel filter); clean MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor; clean iacv, throttle plate and bore, with Throttle Body Cleaner. Then, start the troubleshooting.
Why do you think it’s electrical? Is electrical power lost to anything?

Thank you so much for your advice. I’ll get those things checked and let you know how it goes.