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2007 Saturn Aura rain leak

Windows are up, car is parked outside. Whenever it rains heavily, the floor of the front is completely soaked, both passenger and driver sides. Mats soaked clear through, water squishes under my feet. Where is the water coming in from?

The sky? Does this car have a sunroof?

No sunroof. Seats are not wet. Only the front floor

Usual suspect is the windshield. When it is dry, seal the windshield with tape making sure the glass itself is sealed to the metal body of the car.

Flood the windshield area with water. If the water gets in, it is not the windshield.

If the water doesn’t get in, remove the tape and flood the windshield again. If the water gets in, it is the windshield.

The next suspect would be the hvac system. The water coming in the cowl vents is supposed to drain to the ground. The area could be blocked by old leaves, pine needles or varmint nests.
On a dry day pour water into the cowl vents. see if it shows up on the floor.


Oldtimer’s advice above spot on, and is where to start. I’d had leaks in both the windshield and hvac system on my truck. Also suggest to check the drains at the bottom of all doors. Rain water is usually able to get past the side window seals on a 11 year old vehicle, but that’s supposed to move into the door and just drain out the bottom to the ground, so it doesn’t enter the passenger compartment. If the drain holes at the bottom of the door are plugged, it can divert into the passenger compartment, usually winds up on the front floor, under the carpet. Inspect those drain holes. You might need to use a mirror.

Thank you to both of you! I will try!!!