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Induction Service

Actually worth it, or simply a ‘money maker’ for the repair shop?

Usually just a money maker. Are you having any problems?

Very rarely needed. Mostly it’s a profit generator.

Check the maintenance schedule that came with the owner’s manual. I doubt you’ll find this listed.

If you really want one you can do it yourself with a can of SeaFoam for about $6-12.

But as noted, its generally quite unnecessary.

It depends on a lot of things. Age, mileage, any history of oil burning, poor running, driving habits, environmental conditions, etc.

Some induction servicees may require removal of the intake manifold, etc. to clean out EGR passages or whatever.

I haven’t been having any problems, per se, but my car has been running a little sluggish. Its a 2004 cavilier and has ~110,000 miles. So I don’t expect it to run perfectly part it running sluggishly is expected. At my last service an induction service was recommened. Was just curious.

Try a bottle of Techron or some Seafoam, read the instructions. Have the mpgs dropped?

Not really. Its been about the same.