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Increasing rpm when braking

My 2006 Honda Civic increases it rpm’s by 1K while I am braking. This started apx 2 years after I bought it new. It’s been increasing in frequency over the year. It doesn’t matter what speed I am going. If I drop 10-15 MPH, my tachometer increases by 1-1.5K. If I tap on the accelerator, the rpm’s drop back to normal. What is going on? (I bought the car in the States) Should I be concerned?

“Should I be concerned?”

Yes, this is not normal. If the throttle is not moving, then perhaps a defective power-brake booster is providing a large vacuum leak which will speed up the engine…

Yes. You should be concerned. Add ice or rain to this situation and you should be very concerned. See a good mechanic and get the problem repaired before you are involved in an accident.

So you say your tachometer goes up a certain amount depending on how much you slow down? So it’s not like it speeds up as soon as you step on the brakes?

It kind of sounds to me more like something is confusing the electronic transmission.

Is this a Honda Civic Hybrid or Accord Hybrid ?