Honda Civic Hybrid (2007) brakes



My Honda often engages in unsolicited acceleration when I apply the brakes. Dealer cannot replicate problem and says I’m just not used to anti-lock brakes. Happens randomly but with increasing frequency. Have not been able to correlate with potholes, weather, ice or wet or snowy roadways. Has been known to happen in all such conditions except maybe potholes. Never happens in the rare instance when I make a sudden stop, but only when as usual I apply gradually increasing pressure in anticipation of a traffic light or congestion on the road ahead of me. So far this hasn’t resulted in a collision, but it has scared me pretty thoroughly.


You need to contact Honda at the corporate level in order to discuss this matter with them.
Contact info is in your Owner’s Manual.


Anti-lock brakes only become a factor when you brake hard enough to lock the wheels (sudden stop, icy/snowy/wet roads, driving fast on dirt roads). Applying gradually increasing pressure as you approach a traffic light or congestion is not likely to lock the wheels, so your ABS system shouldn’t be a factor here. I drove for many years before driving cars with ABS, and I don’t recall any need to become accustomed to ABS. My 2006 Civic is the first car I’ve owned with ABS, and I certainly haven’t experienced the symptoms you describe. The “increasing frequency” of the problem suggests that something is wrong, and is progressing from an intermittent problem to an ongoing problem. Does your digital speedometer actually show an increase in speed when this happens?

Your dealer is blowing you off, and you should take VCdrivers advice and contact Honda at the corporate level.


Thanks. I have contacted them since I posted this. They want me to go back to the dealer, and corporate contacted the service rep. I haven’t been able to get there yet (had minor surgery last week).


It helps that you see them as blowing me off, because I definitely feel they are. It gripes me when they want to make everything I report be a factor of the way I drive. It’s insulting, and also lazy. I hadn’t thought to look at the speedometer when it happens. It lasts only seconds, and I’m so scared by the loss of control I haven’t thought to look at anything except the car in front of me to see how close it is looming in my windshield view :-). I 'll try to have the presence of mind to check that out next time. Makes sense!