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HELP! 2006 honda civic. sounds/feels like its running at a high RPM but its not

i have a 2006 honda civic. at higher speeds it sounds and feels like it is running at a high RPM but the RPMs are where they should be. if i touch on the brake the sound gets louder. i recently had my car in and got new tires, but the problem still persists. they checked my brakes and they are fine. any ideas???

Since none of us can hear the noise that you are trying to describe, anything we suggest will merely be a guess.

That being said, I think one strong possibility is that you have one or more bad wheel bearings. Since a seized wheel bearing is a definite safety issue, I would suggest that you have a competent mechanic–perhaps someone other than the mechanic who looked at your brakes–check all 4 wheel bearings.

i will have them checked monday. do you think it could be anything with the transmission?

The transmission is a possibility, I suppose, but I think that wheel bearings are more likely.
Is this a manual trans car or an automatic trans car?

automatic. i check the transmission fluid today, which is fine.

  • its not really a grinding noise, but rather it sounds as if the engine is reallllly working harder than it needs to. kind of like on a manual when you haven;t shifted and you need to. ugh. is this making any sense?