In sunny South Florida, some fame and a $50,000 donation is all it takes to get out of a DUI

you may have hit the nail on the head mustangman

While I am not hoping that it happens, I believe that this young man will not live a very long life, due to the ominous–repeated–signs of trouble in his behaviors. He was raised as a born-again Christian by his mother, but whatever religious and/or moral principles she taught him were clearly forgotten long ago.

If you take the “normal” adolescent feeling of invincibility, and then add a huge dose of excess cash to the equation, you inevitably wind up with a young person who believes that he can get away–unscathed–with anything that he does, no matter how life-threatening that activity actually is.

I predict a bad end for this young man…


Joe Average doesnt get to skate around here,now if you are the law it can be a very different outcome,Sadly some people think being drunk is an excuse,But fortunately I’ve seen the light and realize that its my choice and responsibility if I get " polluted" its not the publics responsibility-Kevin


Have her watch as they crush the car she got caught in, THAT would send a message to her.


Look what happened to Macully Culkin after his Home Alone days. Dude is a total wreck today after his binge drug taking days