'12-year-old charged with DWI while taking family car for joy ride with friends, police say'

Move over FloridaMan: NewMexicoGirl is in the driver’s seat!

Thank Goodness! Not ALL the crazy is in Florida!


When I was 12 I would never drive while drunk.


I started driving when I was 12 but never got pulled over maybe because I was 6 ft tall. Started drinking when I was 14 and quit when I was 18. Didn’t drive drunk though.

My father used to tell the story of his “borrowing” of his father’s National touring car on the chauffeur’s day off. His father was NOT happy, and my father couldn’t sit down for several days. IIRC, he was 13 or 14 when he “borrowed” the National. He never mentioned if he had been drinking prior to that incident, but… probably not.


When my father was young, his father was very successful with a small chain of upscale shoe stores, and they had both a maid and a chauffeur. After the Great Depression hit, and the public no longer bought new shoes, the family lost everything.

I began driving any and everything with wheels as a wee little chappy in the 70’s. Around 12yrs of age the first car I actually drove myself was one of the 20 VW Beetles my dad bought. He used to buy them and have me fix the body work, do minor engine repairs and then have the cars painted. Then he sold them, rinse and repeat.

VERY fond memories of underage driving I have. That Horsehair, Vinyl and a hint of Eau de Hot oil n Gasoline smell of old VW Beetles, the wonderful feeling of being free to travel and all it’s possibilities and of course my Dad.

God I miss my Mom and Dad, gone too soon. If you still have parental units in your life, please cherish them…things are never the same after they are gone. I promise.