In search of Subaru safety and Toyota hybrid quality

My husband is approaching retirement. We currently have two cars that are also approaching retirement. For his next car, I want to get a car with all the new safety features, like a Subaru with EyeSight, which our fellow oldsters have highly recommended. The trouble is that my husband really wants his next car to be a hybrid or even an electric car. We’ve had Toyotas for many years, and he likes the Prius.

The trouble is, the best safety features are on Subarus, and the best hybrid features are on Toyotas. What do we do?

I disagree with that statement. Toyota has great safety features - as good as a Subaru. Head over to the dealer and let them explain what those features to you and your husband.

There are just too many things that need to be considered for anyone on the web to make a vehicle recommendation . Do you really need the complexity of all wheel drive - how hard is it to find charging stations - how many miles are you going to drive a year - and the list goes on .