Looking at Subaru Forester

We are 80, wife in wheelchair so transfer issues plus stowing transporter in trunk. Have '05 Buick too low too awkward. Looking at '08-'10 Subaru Forester as it has reliability accessability & meets my under 10K budget. Will only be driven within 50 miles of our Upstate NY home max 5K annually. Questions: 1) any thoughts on something same cost more appropriate reliable accessable? B) are there any safety features in newer models worth our spending more ? Note: if weather is bad, we ain’t going out!

Crossovers like the Forester are much easier to get into and out of. As a four-time owner of Subarus, I caution buyers about the reliability (Head gasket issues in that generation, engine and transmission issues in later models). I’d consider a RAV4 or CR-V of the same vintage. As to modern safety and other features - Yes. For older drivers, there are new features that can be of help. Here is the opinion of a doctor we interviewed, himself a senior. I am happy to hear you are still driving and still looking forward to a next vehicle. Best of luck.