Imtermitent starting

good day all,

I have a 95 Subaru legacy with 150,000 miles. The past several months I have had an Intermittent problem with it starting or rather not.

in the process of getting to towed, to now 3 different mechanics, the problems is still not fixed and the shops are at a lose for the cause. The started and battery have been replaced, along with several other items not related to the starting problem.

Problem: the ignition does not turn over, rather clicked, similar to when a starter goes out.

Problem 2: sometimes the ignition trys to turn over, but does not engage the engine. (not sure I am describing this correctly)

Problem 3: it has died on several occasions while driving and not restarted.

any advice would be helpful.



You have a new starter and battery, so each part is eliminated. Sometimes the engine does not turn over. That leaves ground and positive wire connections and the solenoid. But then when the car does turn over, it never catches, so you might have a failed timing belt. But it somehow overcomes the the previous two problems and starts and runs and then dies while driving and won’t restart. This sounds like a hoax. I apologize if it is not, but you need to provide more evidence.

I would do the following:
Problem 1: battery and alternator check at autozone. Replace starter and what fails test.

Probem 2 and 3: replace fuel pump and relay(cheap to buy). 150,000 is round time fual pumps seem to go out on me. Really sounds like a fuel pump to me.

Are you going to do the work?