Improving Ride Quality

I am the original owner of a 2002 Saturn LW300 with 85K miles. Recently I notice/feel every bump in the road and some are real bone-jarring thumps. I thought new struts would help but nothing changed.

Any thoughts on how to smooth out my journeys?

Are the tires inflated to the proper pressure?

Over-inflated tires not only contribute to a harsher ride but create a premature wearing of the center portion of the tire.

After the tires are worn down enough, there isn’t much rubber between the road and the steel belts. Every little bit helps. Have a look. If you can find tires without the steel belts, it might help. Uniroyals uded to be quiet and painless years ago. Delta and General were also good. I had no trouble with Power King or Snow King either. This is old info. My recent Bridgestone Duelers were alright too.

To add to what Roadrunner wrote, “proper Pressure” in NOT the MAXIMUN pressure indicated on the side of the tyres, but rather it is the pressure indicated in the owner’s manual and/or on a sticker somewhere on the car, like the glove box, driver’s door or the gas filler cover.

Tires could easily be the culprit as stated before. Do your research when replacement time comes.

Thanks, everyone. The tires are in good shape with plenty of tread. I always check pressure when cold and inflate to the recommended 32psi.

Perhaps a few pounds less?

How are you tires? I had a problem recently with the ride of my car and changing the tires to fit what i was looking for in the ride and it really paid off. If you decide to look into tire I felt through my research that the new line of good year tires are top of the food chain.

Walk around the car and push down on all four corners with all your weight. Does the vehicles suspension move freely without binding? Try a second tire gauge…

Are these the original tires or replacements? If they are not original or exact replacements, the tire could be the cause.

Unless you want to risk a blowout (possibly at high speed), you should never run your car with tires inflated to less than the recommended pressure.

Additionally, running your tires with less than the recommended pressure will give you really sloppy handling, make the car harder to steer, and wear out the outer edges of the tread prematurely. Your idea is a very bad one, from many considerations.

Okay, will maintain recommended pressure. Tires are replacements recommended by tire dealer. You know, they look up make and model on the computer that tells them what I need.

I use my gauge and and compare it wih the one on the air pump at the service station. They match.

Did you make any changes "recently" (Recently I notice/feel every bump in the road)?  Any changes in your health or what you carry in your car? You may want to have an experience and trusted mechanic check out the suspension.  Something there could be a problem.