Bumpy ride

I own a 1993 Cadillac de Ville. I recently bought new tires, hated them (got credit), and bought Goodyear Viva’s.

I feel all the bumps in the road, which I didn’t before. Cadillac service told me the back struts were worn a little but probably not bad enough to have them replaced.

A local mechanic said I would feel the bumps because it’s front wheel drive. That’s sounds like crap.

What can cause me to have a bumpy ride, other than struts or tires?

I would believe the first rather than the second. On a 93, I think replacing struts all round with proper lifetime warranted ones would be a good investment. Most FWD cars don’t ride bumpy, so answer #2 is bull.

It’s still the TIRES that affect the ride here. Goodyear Viva says it all. You can’t get Viva’s at a Goodyear store, only at the likes of WalMart and such. That’s because when Walmart wanted to sell Goodyears at X price, Goodyear manufactured a whole different name tire to meet those (cheapo) specs. It dosn’t get much cheaper ( price AND quality ) than that. The feeling of the ride will always be in the tires and you get what you pay for. Go to a real Goodyear/Gemini store and try some of their Assurance ComforTred or TripleTred. Also , on a caddy , try some Michelins. . . but NOT from a Walmart or such, the other “name brands” you see there use the same production theory to put their names in these stores at those prices.

Have you checked the tire pressure? The recommended pressure for my 93 Caprice (similar size) is 30 psi. Set it to the number on the door sticker.

Ed B.

I wouldn’t trust tires that were made exclusively for Wal-Mart, it pretty much screams that these tires were made to a lesser standard since you can’t buy them anywhere else. The tires and brakes are not things you want to skimp on.

While I don’t disagree that it’s probably the tires, before making assumptions you shoudl check the air pressure. Shops put higher than normal pressures on to “pop” the beads on, and it’s been my experience that they don’t always readjust the pressures to the right setting before turning the car back over to the customer.

I always check my air pressure immediately after buying tires. Sometimes it’s even correct…but very often not.

A local mechanic said I would feel the bumps because it’s front wheel drive.

The Eldorado has been one of their TOP-TIER cars…so…yea it’s a load of crap. My wifes Lexus is fwd and it’s one of the smoothest rides I’ve ever had…don’t feel any bumps. Very very smooth ride.

MB has a good point. Good be as simple as tire pressure. Also even though the dealer said the shocks are fine…the car is about 15 years old…are the shocks too?? Shocks may NOT be leaking…but they could still be badly worn.

Tire pressure comes to mind like other posters. Also your old tires may have been under inflated so they softened the ride. The new ones may be at proper pressure or even above.

Alternatively you may simply be picking tires that are stiffer.

A $2 tire pressure gauge will tell you lots.

Old shocks can also freeze solid. My friend’s did. Talk about bumpy!


I have the Exaltos on my civic and they’re wonderful, my mom just had a set of Triple treads put on her cobalt the other day and she can already tell the car feels more stable than her mismatched tires that were on there before. We haven’t had any rain lately, so she won’t be able to tell how well they handle until then.

You got new tires and the ride went to crap. If it is not the pressure, it is the tires. Tires involve a lot of compromises, stiff tires will handle better but will transmit road irregularities. Soft tires will ride softer, but compromise control. A good tire dealer should be able to listen to you and find tires that give you the ride you want.