Improve Gas Mileage in truck


A friend tells me I can improve my gas mileage in my F150 by changimg to split fire plugs & non-resister plug wires.

Is this correct?


Not unless the current plugs and wires are bad. OE replacements will work just fine.


All the spark plugs do is ignite the fuel air mixture. Your OE spark plugs do this and fancy multi-electrode plugs do the exact same thing. Especially do not use non-resistor plugs, as these can interfere with the functioning of the ECU and other electronics in your truck, not to mention ruining your radio reception.


Don’t do this. You’ll see no improvement in mpg. It’s just a waste of money.


First off…Split fire plugs are a joke. Electricity travels the path of least resistance…doesn’t matter if it’s one path or 10 paths.

Non resistance plug wires are NOT necessary. Your ignition system is designed with them in mind. And the MAJOR problem with non-resistance wires is you’ll have MAJOR MAJOR engine noise on your radio. Now if you never listen to the radio…no problem.


You have plug wires in your F-150? It must be a pretty old truck.