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Question about spark plugs

I am fixing to do a tune up on my 1990 F150 with a 302. What I want to know if it is worth it to get quad fire plugs or is this snake oil sales to make more $$$ for the parts store.

Don’t waste your money.

The plugs can be quad-fire, split-fire, diamond-fire, etc…, it’s snake oil.

I have a 1958 issue of SPEED AGE magazine. And even back then you could purchase SPARK-O-MATIC spark plugs.

These had multiple electrodes which also promised to provide better fuel economy while at the same time extra horsepower.

Install the plugs that the manufacturer recommends.



Agree with tester. In fact the EPA did testing and proved just that. Nothing but snake oil.

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Thank you tester that is what I was thinking. I do not know what is recommended as I do not have the manuel for truck but have had good service with either champions or bocsh plugs

Forget it, you’ll be wasting your money on those plugs you mentioned

I believe the Ford dealer should be able to tell you exactly what plugs are the OEM plugs.

According to Rockauto, this is the standard plug for a 1990 F150 with the 302 V8

These autolite and champion plugs apparently are “OE style” . . . and they may be readily available at your local auto parts store

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Me four. Just use what was in it.


Me 5 with only one caveat. If the truck came with standard sparkplugs, switching to platinum or iridium will give a longer plug life, if that’s important to you.


Me 6… with mustang’s point added.


I think it is best to stick with the spark plugs recommended for your engine. Back in 1964, I had a 1954 Buick. The manual called for AC 44 spark plugs. I replaced the plugs with some dual electrode tip plugs bought at Western Auto. I had no end of problems with these dual tip plugs fouling out and had never had the problem with the AC 44. I switched back to the AC 44 and had no more problems with the Buick. For an experiment, I cleaned and regapped the Western Auto dual tip plugs and tried them in the lawn mower. The mower was a LawnBoy that called for a Champion J8. The Champion J 8 is cross referenced with the AC 44. The dual tip plugs didn’t even work well in the LawnBoy.

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If all it took to get better gas mileage was these magic sparkplugs, Ford would be using them today.


+1 to @wentwest THAT is it right there! IF they worked, manufacturers would use them.

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I’ll throw this in, fuel injected Ford V-8s were the most tempremental engines regarding sparkplugs that I ever dealt with. Any plug other than the OE Motorcraft plug was a crap shoot. Some good shops lost customers when they installed something different and didn’t correct their mistake the first time their customer returneded to complain about the car “trailer hitching” when cruising at 70+.

I remember my brother put Bosch quadfire plugs in his dodge truck and the mileage has dropped.