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IMPORTANT about the slow Denver Driver 2/19 show

I am appalled that in jest it was intimated that the slow Denver driver impersonate a law officer. It is a felony to do so in this state [Colorado]. It was made a felony when a person who was imitating an officer abducted and murdered a young woman. It’s called Lacy’s law, more details here:

I trust this will be addressed in the very next show, and on the website where the program will be archived.

Lighten Up ! I Didn’t Even See (Listen To ?) The Show, But I’m Pretty Sure Whatever Was Said Or Done Was In Jest. There Are So Many Well-Meaning Laws And Movements That Nobody Can Do Anything Without Offending Some Do-Gooder.


The brothers are known for their bad taste. They’ve made it part of their “schtick”.

Having said that, if I had someone I loved abducted, molested, or worse yet, killed, by a police impersonator I might get highly upset hearing a suggestion like this even in jest. That’s exactly whay it’s called “in bad taste”.

You were not wrong in writing in. But don’t expect them to answer or apologize.

My wife’s sister was a good friend of Lacy and her mother, so yeah, I was a little surprised about this.

But anyway, if you want people to know you’re going to drive slowly, buy a Buick or Oldsmobile, and wear a hat. It’s the universal signal for “old and slow”.

Several thoughts:

  1. Tom & Ray do this live and off the cuff, with a sense of humor that usually “works” for them and their audience.
  2. That said, I do see your point in taking them to task on the “police impersonator” comments, whether it was an attempt at jest or not.
  3. Interestingly, they didn’t even answer the caller’s original question: what can he put on his car to indicate that he is a slow driver. My personal suggestion on that is to affix a red and white triangle to the back of the car, similar to what is used on farm equipment and many European trucks.

The answer is deceptively simple, and readily available: Get a large sticker or sign in the rear that says “STUDENT DRIVER”. Everyone expects these folks to drive slow, even when alone in the car.

One more thing: The idea of flashing lights isn’t a bad one. Flashing lights are perfectly legal in all 50 states. After all, by law every new car must possess them! The key issues about them concerns color, positioning, and flash pattern.

  1. Use the existing 4-way emergency flashers when traffic gets too close. I do this all the time. (And I’m not a slow driver: It’s just that there’s always someone faster, or who just likes to tailgate.)

  2. Add orange/amber flashers on the rear deck. These should be legal in all 50 states. Be sure to have them flash together (alternate flashing may not be permitted in all states).