Impala "Service Air Bags" light on

I have a 2009 Impala that previously belonged to my mother. She received a very light rear end collision (rear bumper cover had a crack a couple inches long is all for damage). Insurance replaced with new rear bumper cover. Several years later her “Service air bags” light came in the dash intermittantly. A year or so later she t-boned another car that ran a yield sign. Damage was front bumper cover, impact absorber, and hood. Air bags did not deploy. I fixed the damage. Service air bag light still comes on periodically. I checked on the air bag module but was told that the light would stay on all the time if it were the problem. I have unplugged,used dielectric grease, and plugged back in the yellow air bag wiring plugs under each front seat and in door columns for side airbags. Changed out the front sensors but that did not fix the problem. Light still comes on periodically but on more than it is off. What else can I check that would cause this?

I would contact the dealer and find out if your Impala is included in GM’s recall for the air bag issue for these vehicles.

It may be causing the light to turn on.



It should be hooked up to a scanner with capabilities to read from this module. It could be something as simple as a passenger seat weight sensor out of calibration. Does she put her purse or something on the passenger seat sometimes?

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The passenger side weight sensor was replaced in 2016. Maybe it is still faulty?

Might have a calibration issue, need to review the SRS faults.