IMA Battery replaced last July (2012) - still having problems

In September of 2007, I bought a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid.

Last July, 2012, my IMA light came on suddenly one day. Honda “replaced” it free of charge, supposedly $3000 cost to them. It ran like a totally different car at first - different meaning it sounded like a new truck motor had been put in it or something. It had more power that’s for sure. I wasn’t in the habit of watching my dash so if there was an improvement since it was replaced I really haven’t noticed it. Gradually since last July, it has become like it was when I first bought it, meaning it sounds and drives the same way. Any suggestions? Any news from Honda? Thanks!

This is a little confusing.
Since July it has returned to like when the car was new?
The motor was noisier when they first changed the battery?
Has the IMA light come back on?
Maybe they put in a refurbished battery, not brand new.

I was trying to do two things at once. Sorry.

I got this car when it was 9 months old in 2007. There had been a previous owner. From the beginning until last July I really had not noticed any decline in the performance of the car to speak of. Then when the IMA light came on and the battery was changed, at first it sounded and drove like a different car, like a truck, sort of. It definitely had more power than before. I’d say it was only a week or two before that truck feel/sound began to fade. Now, almost a year later it drives just like it did right before the battery was changed. It’s as slow as it used to be, which I thought was because it’s a hybrid. And no the IMA light has not come back on…yet.

They gave me a receipt after the work was doing showing that the battery and labor total came to $3000.