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12' civic hybrid IMA System Quit

My 2012 Civic Hybrid IMA system has completely failed after 149K. Honda won’t do anything. I was told when I bought the car it’d get 200K out of the battery- so I’m obviously pissed off. The car is only worth $4,500 and the repair is nearly $6,000.
PS- paid $28K for the vehicle new. Paid off the loan 2 months ago… and only worth $4.5K- CRAZY depreciation!

It happened suddenly. I was approaching a stop and the transmission slipped, there was a delay in my breaks response and 3 lights appeared. IMA System, Check Break System, Check Battery.
The car still runs, but it’s only working off gas and is very slow getting up to speed.

Has anyone had success driving a 12’ or newer without the IMA system?
From my understanding they overhauled the system in the 12’ and newer models and it might not be as easy as just switching off the system. Likely by design so you have to buy the battery.

Have you posted this on HCH forums? Lots more folks there with experience regarding this problem.

I can try there too, but this seemed like a more active community. I haven’t seen anything on a forum for 12’ and newer

Most city’s now have an independent hybrid specialty repair facility, that can often refurbish the batteries or repair the system for substantially less than the dealer.

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I would lean on the dealer . . . and maybe even Honda corporate . . . a little harder before giving up

We have many Honda civic hybrids in our fleet

They are at least 10 years old and we’re getting IMA batteries replaced for free

I don’t know what the warranty language says, but I think it’s reasonable to expect the battery to last at least 10 years. I wouldn’t necessary expect it to last much longer than 150K however. but if the Honda salespeople told you it would last for 200K miles, I think you have valid complaint. Valid enough imo for at least Honda corporate to offer a substantial discount on a replacement battery. Suggest when you speak with Honda, be polite, but make it clear you’d like to be able to remain a loyal Honda customer when considering your future car purchases.

In any event, presuming the only problem is the battery, I think spending $6K to get the car back to like-new condition is a pretty good deal. $6k isn’t going to buy you anything near as good as that in the used car market.

Z[quote=“ninabena, post:1, topic:121316”]
I was told when I bought the car it’d get 200K out of the battery- so I’m obviously pissed off.
Pissed off at who? The salesman? Did you get this “200k” battery life in writing? Probably not. I’d be pissed off too, at myself for believing a salesman.

No salespersons verbal pitch is a valid complaint. If they think there is a chance you’ll believe them they will tell you it runs on magic or maybe unicorn farts, to sell you a car. You have nothing unless it is in writing.


I wonder how many hybrid owners put a little money away every month for this repair that will eventually come. Everyone should put some away for repairs, but this is a special case. There is some uncertainty if other repairs will be needed, like a transmission; this one’s a certainty.

Not for Prius owners. They often get ‘life of the car’ out of their battery.