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Im tall/impala ss

Im 6’5" and im wondering if anybody knows if I could fit in a 1994-1996 impala comfortably. I was online and I found out that it has 39.2" of head room and 42.2" of front leg room.


I would say a better chance then in a Yugo, Seriously I think “car fit” depends on if your height in in your torso or in your inseam.

In am 6’2 (mainly torso) and I fit with ease.

I liked these cars but they had interior (door panel) quality problems and window regulator problems (constant) some of these SS models had the distributor below and behind the water pump and the pump would leak into the distributor.

Nice styling the Impala SS with the maroon color paint and the gold trim items.

Try To Find One On A Lot And Try It Out!

If it has six way power seats, maybe you can find a good position. Telescoping steering wheel with tilt would also help.

I’ve found that the measurements given for leg and headroom don’t help me. I’m tall and I’ve found that the size of the car and the measurements given really don’t mean much. We bought a really nice 1993 Oldsmobile 88 with all the options including a six way power seat. Mo matter what I did, I would get cramps in my thighs if I drove more than 50 miles. At first, it seemed very comfortable, but on the interstate, the comfort soon faded. On the other hand, I had a 1965 Rambler Classic that was very comfortable to drive long distances. If at all possible, take a 100 mile drive in the car before you make a purchase.

I just returned from making a 450 mile trip in a Honda Civic Hybrid that my institution owns. The car ran well, and the mileage was good (41 mpg), but I needed more legroom. I was very happy to turn it in at the end of the trip and get into my Chevrolet Uplander.

Can’t find any in my area.