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Why won't it start

I have a Toyota 4-Runner that is having starting problems. It has 127,000 miles and is a v6 with automatic transmission. Recently I have replaced the starter, plugs, AF sensor, have cleaned the battery terminals and the throttle body and tried a new battery. My local Toyota mechanic told me it could possibly be a crank shaft positioning sensor circuit malfuntion.

The vehicle is getting so difficult to start. A few days while tying to start it, the starter became very hot and the battery is running down quickly.

Please help! Can anyone offer any suggestions on what to try next? I cannot drive the vehicle because I’m afraid of getting stranded.

You should not crank your starter for more than 10 seconds at a time to prevent burning out the starter motor. Try turning the ignition on for 20 seconds before attempting to start. If you have a bad gasket or fuel leak, that will allow the gas system to pressurize before trying to start it. Stab in the dark as I hate to see posts go too far down without any suggestion.

Instead of just changing parts to see which one helps, it cheaper to use a multimeter to take ohm and voltage readings with. You need to do an ohms reading on the engine coolant temperature sensor, the MAF, and check the operation of the idle air control valve. Did you clean the air passages to the idle air control valve? Did you check fuel pressure static and after 30 minuets after the ignition is turned off? Instructions and ohm, voltage, psi values are in the what-you-call-it?