2000 honda accord - instrument lighs(?) out



The lights that illuminate the gear shift, clock, etc. are going out one by one. Is there an easy to change them?

(it seems to me that individuals bulbs are out; if all of them are out, it could be the fuse.)



Could be the fuse. But a frequent cause of dim/blank dashboard lights is that most cars have a panel light brightness control hidden somewhere and it has gotten turned down/off. The control is often low on the dash panel somewhere to the left of the steering column and is frequently beautifully styled in some manner that completely obscures its function.

If the lights really are going out one by one as opposed to all having gone out at once, I’d get a mechanic to check the system voltage when the car is running. It may be too high for some reason and might be burning out the bulbs. There could also be some sort of grounding problem. Based on logic, I’d bet not, but electricity does odd things sometimes.

If the light bulbs really are burned out, they will have to be replaced. I’m not familiar with the 2000 accord, but on many cars, getting to the bulbs is fairly difficult. Think in terms of a couple of hours of labor (a guess) and $5 for parts.


They can be difficult to get to. I just replaced the ones in my 2000 Explorer since two bulbs in the gauge cluster were burned out. I replaced all six, since getting the cluster out took me over an hour.

Typically, you’ll have to remove the panel that has the light in it, remove the bulb holder, then take the burned out bulb to the parts store to match it up. Many stores have bulb guides to size the correct one, but they don’t always include some of the odd ones, like gear shift or clock backlights. Some of these imports may require a replacement from the dealer, since the bulb may be attached to the bulb holder. I had this issue with the A/C bulb in my Toyota. The hardest part is to get the panel off.


Thanks, vtooder2 and BustedKnuckles for the info.