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Ignorant and rude comments and way off topic

``All I have found is how to mute a user. Go to ur profile page, scroll all the way down, u will see Save Changes, directly about that it says mute user, type in user name to be muted and hit Save changes. If you didn’t know. Sorry to those who know.

Thank heavens. I’ve been trying to figure out how to block that jerk Shadowfax for a long time.


Why does someone who joined 5 hours ago even need to know how to block someone?

Frankly if I felt the need to block someone on an open free web site than I would just take myself some where else.


So, than, we can mute FrustratingDriver69. Good. I hate self-appointed censors.


My thoughts exactly!
There is another site that I have frequented for almost as long as I have been a member of this forum, and on that other site I have blocked some…nuisance…people, but why would somebody feel the need for that type of action within a few hours of joining this forum?

That sword cuts in both directions, in case the OP hadn’t thought about it.

I took a look at that page.
It says “Suppress all notifications from these users”.
Apparently that does NOT keep one from looking a users posts, it just blocks email notifications.

I blocked all email notifications as soon as I started getting them.

Is it possible that FrustratedDriver69 is upset at some of the advice that was dispensed over the troublesome 17 year old Ford Taurus they purchased…

My gut feeling is they’re looking for a lot of “You get 'em. Get a lawyer. Take ‘em to court. Sue the livin’ beejeezus out of them” rather than any practical mechanical advice.
It’s difficult to dispense advice when almost no details are known about the problems; including that 3 engines in 1.5 years… :frowning:


I hope if you block me you’ll at least let me know so I can save my fingers.

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LOL Not gunna hurt ya fingers.

For you information the motors were replaced within a 6 month period not 1.5 years. WOW!!!

Please do me the favor and mute me. The pleasure is all mine. It’s like the garbage took its self out, LOL :joy::joy:

To stir the pot a bit more and in regard to the motor replacement. My impression was that the engines were replaced over about a 1.5 year period due to your statement in your original post; cut and pasted below…

" I’m only on my 3rd motor since purchased on 5/2015."

Sounds closer to 1.5 years rather than 6 months…

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There’s a radio program I hear on Saturdays and I recommedn you call there @FrustratingDriver69. It’s “Handel on the Law” and Bill Handel may be able to put you on the right track to find some personal and renumerative satisfaction. Best of luck. Keep us posted.

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To no one, just trying to make an ignorant and rude comment way off topic

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I think frustrated driver was making reference to another thread where somebody talked about muting users. I can’t remember off the top of my head. But it seems that some thought the OP created this post in response to unwanted advice, which I’m not convinced was the case.

FrustratingDriver69 was the one who started the thread about blocking someone but found out they could only mute (what ever that means ). Then changed the heading and jumped me for someone else’s comment. Good riddance I say.

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I’m a little troubled that 5 people liked my comment about muting myself. :wink:


I have never felt a need to block anyone on a forum. I appreciate opinions other than my own. I have acquired a wealth of knowledge on this forum from those who know much more than I ever will.

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Volvo_V70 is correct. He was jumped over the comment I made.

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