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Ignition trouble

One day I was Driving my 1995 Ford 150. It has the 4.9 straight 6 in it with about 220000 miles on it. I believe the motor might be a rebuilt. So, I am finding myself replacing everything else on it. Anyways i was driving and went to stop and shut it off.It wouldn’t shut off.When I turn the key to the off position it didn’t have any resistance.I put a new ignition in it and a ignition switch in it.And, it still won’t shut off!!! Any Ideas???

This Happened “One Day” And It’s Still Running ?
What’s The Hurry To Figure It Out, Now ?
As Long As It’s Running, You’re Good To Go.


No this is still a problem. Its time for inspection and the only way to shut the truck off is stall it or use the ignition switch. Which I have been using the switch so far but I cant do that to get it inspected.

I’m confused, your key IS the ignition switch.

so you turn the switch off and the engine turns off, what is the problem?

the ignition switch is under the dash. the ignition is where your key goes in at