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Ignition switch

do you have to take off steering wheel to put in a new ignition switch,for a 1997 nissan pickup.

It says, “Remove steering wheel if required for access. Then remove the upper and lower steering column shrouds.”

So see if the shrouds come off without removing the steering wheel.


You do. It’s not easy, and it takes a few obscure tools you might be able to rent. Or else you can force a dent puller into the ignition and just gut the part. Thereafter a flat head screwdriver would start the car for you. You would still be able to lock the car and set the alarm if you have one. Your key and ignition was always the most easily defeated security feature. Don’t spend any time or money repairing it. It’s little different from the start button featured in some new cars.

Is the switch assembly in the steering wheel? Think about it. A lot of people don’t know that there is a big difference between ignition switch and lock assembly. Find the difference before you get into it. The lock assembly isn’t as easy as it looks.