Broken ignition lock in 1987 Nissan Pickup

A friend of mine down the street still has his truck, but someone attempted to steal it. They jammed something into his ignition switch, which my friend tried to get out unsuccessfully.

I figured out that Nissan still makes the part, but you have to buy the entire lock, cylinder and all. Hard to assess this one, I know, but if we removed the lock from the vehicle and took it to a locksmith, would it be possible to repair the lock? Or is it more likely he’s on the hook for an entire new lock ($150)?

Just wondering if anyone has an assessment before I head down there with my implements of destruction. I’m pretty capable of fixing cars, though I admit I rarely go past starters/water pumps/catalysts/shocks/struts (I partially disassembled and repaired a VW transmission once, though).

Try taking a fine toothed coping saw blade, and with the teeth pointing away from the lock cylinder, insert the blade into the cylinder so goes above or along side of what’s ever in there. Then pull the saw blade out. The blade might grab hold of whatever’s in there and pull it out.


I’ll give that a try. Thanks.