Ignition switch stays on the on position and wont go back to the off position HELP



ok i got a 93 honda accord lx 4 cyl…ok today i went to the eye doctor it was working fine it turned on and off fine until i went to go cash my check today i got in the car turn the key to the on posision and it just got stuck there i try to to turn it off b cuz i heard my starter running along with the motor so i pulled the cable outa the starter then the motor was on ok but i try to turn it off and it wouldnt it was stuck like i tryed everything until the switch gaved up and it went to the off position my car turned off and everthing the fan was on b cuz obviously it was overheating…so i gave it another try to see if it get stuck and it got stuck so i was like forget it disconected the starter and the battery cables and left the car off…do ya think its the ignition switch? NEED HELP!!! my cars the only thing we (we as in 4 of us depending on the car for work) have for transportation to work…


It likely is the ignition switch or key cylinder.

If you have a heavy key chain, get rid of it and just use the keyfob (remote,if used) and the ignition key.


I agree that the lock tumbler is bad… a common problem for your car…


The “ignition switch” is actually two parts. I believe the part which is jammed on yours is the key cylinder part. It takes a bit of a mechanic, using the Haynes (or, other) repair manual, to safe the SRS (air bag system) and replace the ignition switch or lock cylinder. Pictures and instructions are at www.autozone.com for safing the SRS system and replacing the ignition switch. Look at Repair Info > Vehicle Repair Guides > Chassis Electrical > SRS or Instruments and Switches > ignition.