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Ignition switch locks on 2008 Nissan Maxima

My 4 month old Maxima has ignition switch problems and Nissan cannot solve the problem.

The ignition locks and I can’t start the car.

Nissan tells me to play with the steering wheel and this will unlock the switch.

I have tried this and after a great deal of time it does work, but I don’t feel that this should happen on this vehicle.

You guys are my last hope.

Give this shop two more chances before you kick your complaint upstairs for more decisive action. If no help, take it to another shop.

The vehicle is under warranty is it not, or does the warranty not cover this problem?

The Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty covers everything except the tires. The OP should consider the Lemon Law option if the dealership continues to be unable to resolve the problem.

Do you use the parking brake when you park or do you just put the transmission in park and let it go at that?

If you are not setting the parking brake before you put the transmission in neutral, you could be the cause of the problem. The park, position in the transmission could be considered only a backup to the real parking brake (some people like to call the parking brake and emergency brake, but if you have every tried to use it in an emergency, you would know why it is really a parking brake.)

That said, I believe it will be covered under the warranty. We are not your last hope. Check out these links to Lemon Law information and your rights.