95 Nissan Maxima only starts when rolling backwards

My old faithful (148,000) has turned into a Fred Flinstone automobile. 12 months ago I had the starter replaced. Last month I had my ignition switch replaced for $289; however my car sometimes will start normal, other times it requires me to turn the key to acc., shift into neutral, then only with 2 swift left leg kicks backward will she start. I’m not making this up. She won’t start in Park, or neutral standing still, only when rolling at .5mph. What is the problem and does it have something to do with the automatic trans or flywheel? I’m stumped and my mechanic (soon to be former) can’t understand how its still not staring 100% of the time. Do I sell it as is or dump several more hundred dollars to get the problem solved at the Nissan dealer?

I would be looking for some sort of neutral safety switch. It may be the parking brake, or the transmission. It is a long shot, but I would guess it is the transmission and going in reverse somehow is triggering that neutral safety on the transmission.

I agree that the neutral safety switch is the likely suspect. Since this is an inexpensive part, replace it and see if your problems are over.