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Ignition swicth

99 malibu replaced ignitoin swicth and key now it will not start will turn over but acts like it is out of gas started to go twice just for a second help<

Did it do this before you replaced the key lock?? Where you put the key is NOT the ignition switch. That’s just the column lock. The switch is down at the bottom of the steering column, connected to the lock by a long rod. (on most cars)

You need to follow the reprogram sequence when you replace a component of the passlock sysyem.

Rotate key to crank momentairly (do not start vehicle0 release key to on position
If Passlock sensor was replaced the Security indicator will flash for 10 min.
If the Passlock Module was replaced the Security indicator will flash for a few seconds,then stay on for 10 min.
After 10 min of remanining in the ignition ON position,the Security indicator will transition from flashing to ON briefly and finally OFF.
Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position and wait 10 seconds.
Repeat steps 3-6 two more times and the module will learn the new component on the next ignition lock cylinder cycle from off to CRANK to ON (start attempt)
Hope this works.

Malibus are way different than those instructions. Lock cylinder and ignition switch are mounted in the dash,no rod as in earlier cars.

Locksmith who supplied you with the lock should have provided the instruction sheet with it for synching it to the car, as well as REKEY it to match the door/trunk key.

We at City Lock always recommend keying the same, in event you lose keys in future, saves you some bucks!

My guess is you bought it junkyard style, so had neither done.

Follow what the gent below mentioned, as this lock has an antitheft sensor that is accounting for the no-start.

You do not need a scan tool for this, just a egg timer.

A Terrific Locksmith in Boulder Colorado

i bought it new and i tried it and it still does not work.