Car will not start after i installed a ignition switch & lock cylinder

99 malibu car will not sart it will run for a second every time i turn the key over. It acts like there is a fuel problem but there is plenty of fuel in it.I installed a new ignition switch and key lock cylinder,never had this problem before

What was the motivation for changing the ignition switch and lock cylinder? What problem were you trying to fix?

There’s little information to work with here, but the first thought that comes to my mind is the Passkey security system. That system, which I believe was being used in '99, measured the resistance through the cylinder and the key, and if it didn’t match the programmed “window”, the ignition was not enabled. The key contained a resistive chip.

It’s able to be reprogrammed, but I don’t recall the process. Sorry. Perhaps one of the others here with a better memory can help out.

I just discovered that this is a repeat of another post. Check your other post to get the information you seek.