Ignition help


Can someone tell me what the dwell reading should be on a 1947 plymouth 6 cyl. and what the timing should be set at.


In an old Motor’s Manual I found some specs. Point gap 0.022, dwell 31-37 degrees. The timing mark is evidently on the flywheel so you are going to have to look for a hole in the bellhousing with a pointer. According to Motor’s there is an IGN mark on the flywheel. Sorry no other explanation is given. On a 1951 Plymouth the timing index mark is on the vibration damper and the scale is on the timing chain cover. If you are timing with a test light, turn the engine by wrench on the front crank bolt in the natural direction. Move the distributor until the light comes on just as the reference line and point align.

I found the Motor’s Manual in the reference section of the local library. If you need additional information, let me help research it for you

Love the sound of a flat head 6 at idle. These are great engines to work on and learn.