1960 Ford F350



I need the engine point specs. or where i can find it online without having to buy an overpriced manual for this one bit of info.


[b]Ah! It might help if you told us what engine is in this truck.



its a 223 cubic in (a 6 cyl)


For all Ford 6 cyl 1955 - 1961 exc. 144

Point Gap: .025
Dwell: 36 degrees
Spark Plug Gap: .034
Timing (Man and Auto): 5 degrees BTDC
Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
Valve Clearance (Intake and Exh): .019H

Hope this is some use.

Ed B.


A drop of distributor cam lube every 5k miles on the lobes will go a long way to keep those points in adjustment also.


[b]OK! Here ya go!

Sparkplug Gap: .034

Point Dwell Angle: 37 degrees

Point Gap: .025

Ignition Timing *4 degrees before top-dead-center

*Vacuum advance hose removed from distributor and plugged.

Note: Timing specs are just for reference. Depending on the octane of gasoline, engine operating temperature, and condition of engine, timing should be adjusted until Knock/pinging is eliminated.

Ah! The good old days!



Thanks all for the specs. This will go a long way to get the old milk truck up and rolling. For the curious… I am turning this old truck into a mobile party truck complete with spirits lists, stereo, and supplies for every caterer, business party, barbeque, and cruise-in. Thanks again.