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Ignition freezes

The ignition, steering wheel, brake pedal and gear shift handle all freeze up from time to time. I’m not parked with the front wheels against anything. This is a '99 Sable, 118,000 mi, and I’ve spent $3,000K in repairs in just the last 4 months. Why might this freezing happen, and how much might this cost?

has this ‘freezing’ started since the repairs? if so, what repairs were done. a detailed list would be helpful.

I’m not sure if it only started since the repairs, which include (in reverse order):
Cam sensor inspection & synchro shaft replacement,
steering rack replaced,
Power steering pump replaced & fluid flushed,
RF outer tie rod replaced, belt replaced, front end alignment,
thermostat replaced, cooling system flush & fill,
replace pcv.

oh yeah, also the fuel filter and fuel rail were replaced.