2000 Jaguar S Type - Ignitioncoil Repair

I am the owner of a 2000 Jaguar S Type. Recently the car began to sputter and miss. I thought there might have been water in the gasoline or the fuel injector may have been gunked up. Took the vehicle to a repair shop only to be told that it needed a new ignition coil and value cover gaskets. I was told that only one ignition coil could not be ordered that I needed an entire set of 6 at the sum of $150 apiece for the parts. I was also told that I needed a tune up. I got the car back after putting out $1750 for parts and labor. Does this sound appropriate or did I get taken?? “Sputtering in New Orleans”

Well the coils can cost that much each, but you don’t have to order them as a set. I seem to have no trouble finding them online right now as an indivudal part at about $125 each. What shop did you use-was this a Jaguar shop or some random place?

It wasn’t a Jaguar shop. The name of the place was Peter’s Auto Repairs. I did ask him if he changed all 6 coils and he said yes. When we got the car back and looked at the engine, it looked like it was brand new. The vehicle is running fine now. No complaints.