If you were planning to take a trip on I-10

… be prepared to take an alternate route.

The BBC news release says that the road is open again. Nature is awesome though.

I took hwy 26 from hatch to deming a few times. Interesting route.

That represents some incredibly-fast road-rebuilding!

Google drove it, very flat, good place to play soccer, beautiful blue sky, didn’t see any ufos.

Check the last sentence of the link you provided.

Roads can be repaired quickly if the owners want to. Maybe 20 dump trucks of dirt, a few of gravel, and then paving. I-10 is important enough for moving cargo to and from LA that repairs would be a top priority.


The damaged road was a bypass road built over culverts between the two bridges. The bypass road was in use during repair of the bridges. In the video, traffic can be seen travelling on the bridge that was under repair.

The image below appears to be the location under construction that washed out.

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