Driving from Houston to Los Angeles and back this weekend

I’m driving my family from Houston to Los Angeles this weekend. I’ve done it before but not in February. Are road conditions dangerous this time of the year?

I take it you are returning another weekend. If not, I would fly since you will be too tired to drive safely.

The Interstate system allows for all weather driving at reasonable speeds. If the car has cruise this will be an easy but long trip.

Normally not on the route you have to drive (with exception of any mountains you might have to cross)But this year I would say all bets are off! Keep up to date with weather forecast & road conditions. (Dial 511 on your cell)

Weather.com has forecasts by interstate, I-10 looks good all weekend:

But you’re not doing both ways in one weekend, right? 2 days minimum each way, plus time to recuperate in LA, would be needed.

Global warming has made snowstorms a thing of the past. Al Gore said so.

Many years ago I use to drive between Watertown NY and Syracuse NY a couple times a month…And that included winter months. You can’t ask for a snowier road. People do it all the time.

I-10 should be just fine.
Watch for flying bullets around El Paso.
But, a great time to cross the desert.