If you own one of these Teslas

… you probably shouldn’t let your kids operate the power windows until this recall repair has been completed.
The good news is that the recall repair will be done remotely–OTA–so that owners don’t have to bring their car to a Tesla Service Center.


In plain English or German if you prefer, what does this mean? I assume it means the windows will close with more force if you have your head or other body parts in the way? Like a garage door opener? Who knew there was a standard, but thank you for keeping us safe from all possible hazards.

Got to do something about closing a door on your fingers though. That will be a tough one but osha has an answer. Is there anyone who has not closed the door on their fingers?

Hint. Our new paper cutter had two buttons that had to be pushed to make sure you didn’t chop a hand off in the process. Those with three arms were not consulted. Onward onward to utopia.

That over-the-air feature to effect a problem repair seems like a good idea. I’d have guessed not many car-fixes possible w/that method, most would require visit to dealership shop; but even if it works for one problem, particularly good for Covid-era car-owner. Good on Tesla.

hmmm … Even better solution, roll up windows … lol …