Honda Civic oil change and cabin filter change

Hi all,

I went for a oil change at honda parts and services. They checked the car and showed me that cabin filter needs to be replaced as well as it looked very dusty.

They charged me 59.99 for oil change and for cabin filter they charged 28 + 40(labour charge) . In total i paid around 130 for this visit to honda service.

Did they overcharge me. I was suspicious about charging 69$ for cabin filter change. Which included 40 labour fee. Should i have not let honda service center to change the cabin filter?

Thank you!

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The $28 part cost for the filter doesn’t seem entirely out of line, but the $40 labor does seem somewhat excessive. It depends on how much time is required to change the filter though. Maybe it is situated in a hard to reach area and a certain amount of stuff has to be taken apart to reach it. Suggest going forward to Google to find instructions, you may be able to purchase the filter online for less, and install it yourself, saving a pretty penny. The $60 for an oil & filter change seems reasonable.

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No they did not . The next time change the cabin filter yourself . That 59.99 oil change is a fair price .


Next time try looking for a video that shows you how to do the job of changing the cabin air filter. Here’s a link to one for 2015 to 2020 Honda Civics.

[How To: Install a Cabin Air Filter on a 2016-2020 Honda Civic - YouTube]

After you watch the video you can decide whether you feel you can do this job. If you decide to try it go to a car parts store and tell them what you want.


Wow , cabin filter change can be done so easily!!!

Looks like i got scammed with 40$ labour charge.

Going forward, shall i go to Pepboys or non honda mechanic to do oil change and filter changes? Or is it recommended to go with honda service parts only

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do not go to pep boys or any chain store. find a reliable repair shop. maybe asks friends, neighbors


You did not get scammed. Those are dealer labor prices ( you should see what I pay for our Volvo) . And the cabin filter only needs to be the correct size and you should not need one for at least 2 years.

Yes, that link definitely indicates changing the cabin filter is a noodle. The $40 fee though is probably just the standard fee the dealership charges for any small job. If your Honda is still under warranty I think using a dealership for oil and filter changes makes complete sense, b/c if there’s ever a question if the job was done, done correctly, or used the correct materials, you have absolute proof, so you’ll get no complaints if you ever need warranty work done b/c of that. Once it gets out of warranty, ask friends and relatives for recommendations for an independent shop for routine maintenance, preferably one that specializes in Hondas or at least Asian cars.

Kinda depends how much stuff you had in the glove box. I buy my Honda filters on line and do it myself. They are not cheap though and in the $25-30 range each for air and cabin filter. Depending on the model, the cabin filter is about a 15 minute job plus the extraneous cost of getting the part, recording it on the bill, etc. Just like going to the doctor for a shot. It doesn’t take very long for the cost.

I had the dealer do the oil/filter changes, they were no more than other shops. I do all air filter changes (cabin and engine), they’re easy to do, saves lots of money. You didn’t get scammed, dealers have lots of overhead.


I had a signal light bulb replaced. I got the rapid flash and went right to my favorite tire place and got it changed for $10.10. I did not go to the parts store and buy a package of two for $5.95 and then have to change it myself.
I will admit that you can save money by changing the cabin air filter. I used to do it when I could walk and stand up. It’s easy if you have the right size socket. I had a pickup with an odd size and it was a bit of a nuisance.
Also: which side faces the cabin? If there’s no arrow, the rough looking side.
I guess my point is that it’s not all about money but it is a consideration.

This is a change in direction, in your other thread you were considering having more than a thousand dollars in maintenance performed, well before the maintenance minder showed this was needed.

If I were handed a cabin filter and asked to install it, I would do this for free.

This is not how the system works. The technician must inspect the filters, complete the inspection form, request prices and wait for authorization. After being approved he must visit the parts department for the filter, return to the vehicle wherever it may be parked and replace the filter. All this to collect 12 minutes of pay.

Do your technicians a favor, replace the cabin filter yourself and make note of it on the service order to save everyone a lot of time.

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Thank you All.

I am now planning to replace the engine air filter. Any suggestions on which air filter is good to buy online on Amazon?

I prefer to buy from an auto parts store, simpler exchange if I were to get the wrong size. BTW, I also do my own engine air filters too.
Rather than pay a labor charge for a 10 minute task.


This is my first car and I am not aware of things much. But I want to learn all these maintenance and learn to do it myself where ever possible.

If II am not wrong, even amazon has a return if it doesn’t fit? can we get the same brand in amazon that we get in auto part store?

Just get one from your local parts house or even Walmart . If this is a 2019 I doubt if you need one right now. If they showed you the cabin filter and did not say you needed an engine filter then you probably don’t need one.

they showed me engine filter and it was half dark. I changed it in late 2021. They said I can get it changed for 39.99$. So they were offering 39.99$ for each - Engine filter and cabin filter. I declined the engine filter as I felt I was being over charged for this service. He never mentioned about 40$ labour until I saw it on paper during signature.

Felt like they try to squeeze dollar out from people who are not aware much.

You know what else can be done so easily? Mowing the lawn. I can mow the lawn in half an hour, but the yard service wants to charge me $40/week to do it.

You know when I feel scammed? When I go to Starbucks and pay $5.50 for a cup of coffee. I can go to the grocery store and buy a can of coffee for $8.99 and make 100 cups of coffee.

For all the complaining people do about the price of auto service they forget that there’s a cost to everything. I can’t take my wife out to dinner and drinks for less than $100, and everyplace we go is busy. And yet I’ll bet that half of those people buying $14 cocktails would bristle at paying $60 for an oil change.


One of my neighbors was of that opinion until it came time to replace his riding mower recently. The lots in this area are all one acre or more, and mowing takes him about one hour. When he saw the prices of riding mowers nowadays, and compared that to cost of having the lawn cut for him–coupled with the ease of being able to sit inside on brutally hot days while others did the work for him–he opted to start paying for a lawn service.