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Correct oil filter for Full Syn engine oil?

I am getting mixed info about oil filter type if I use Full Syn.

Some say Full syn filter has small pores hence use the ones specially designed and hence more expensive.

O’Reilly brand works for both oil types - is this good enough?

Use the filter recommended in your owner’s manual. Type of oil is irrelevant. Anything else is an unknown.

What make, model, year is this?

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The oil filter removes contaminates from the oil.

So it doesn’t matter if you use synthetic or conventional oil.

It’s the size of the contaminate in the oil.



Just use a quality filter. You spent the bucks on synthetic oil, I doubt you’d think to grab the cheapo white label filter. I’ve used lots of different brands with synthetic oil. I like Bosch, Mobil 1, Motorcraft and AC Delco filters depending on the car. The high-end versions of the popular brands, too. Fram, Purolator and Wix. I’ve had good luck with all.

Funny thing, the primary contaminant in oil is the oil itself. As it breaks down, it creates its own contaminants. Synthetic oil doesn’t break down as fast so it doesn’t create as many contaminants, but then people tend to leave it in their engine longer. The synthetic oil filters are designed to last longer so if you are going for the long intervals, then maybe you should consider one.

What is not being considered by many people today is the filter bypass valve. This is built into many of todays filters instead of the filter adapter on the engine. Cars that are requiring 0w20 oil need a lower pressure oil bypass valve so it is important that the oil filter you use meets the manufacturers specifications for that as well as other specifications. Otherwise you could damage the engine.

Just looked at the Wal Mart site. One brand of oil filter without having synthetic on the label was $3.00 less then the one that did. If you change oil 4 times a year that is only $12.00. You have spent the money for synthetic oil ( that you most likely don’t really need ) so why not get the filter that says it’s for synthetic oil and find something else to worry about.

My Toyota dealer sell the correct filter cartridge for my synthetic oil required car for $5.85. Cheaper than the brand name filters at Walmart. I can get the Toyota filters even cheaper online.

I am amused by people obsessing about oil filters. I remember when they were optional on most cars. I think air cooled VWs came without filters as long as they were made.

i use mobil 1 oil & filter for my subaru

I am not sure what the goal is. If the car does not call for synthetic oil and the manual oil change intervals are based on dino oil, then extending the intervals would void the warranty.

I have the same issue with my Hyundai cars. They have DI engines and I use synthetic oil with the OEM filter. But I have to follow the oil change interval listed in the OM which is a bit too early for the severe driving, but then I want to keep my 100K mile warranty.

When a filter is advertised as being designed for synthetic oils, how is it built differently than a filter built for dyno oils?

I’ve never seen a filter that’s claimed to be designed for synthetic oil.
However, there are filters made with synthetic media, designed for longer change intervals.

There are filters that claim to be made for extended oil change intervals. But yup, not specifically for synthetic oil.

Use what ever name brand filter you want. I personally use Wix because the place I buy them at gives me a good discount if I buy them by the case. My wifes Lexus and my Highlander have the same engine and use the same filter.

Taken directly from Fram’s Synthetic oil filter web-site

•Traps and holds more than double the dirt of ordinary oil filter brands

•Ultra Synthetic is the best filter for consumers looking to get the most out of their investment in full synthetic oil

•Drivers looking for top performance from newer engines and maximum protection for older vehicles will find FRAM Ultra Synthetic to be the perfect filter at the perfect price

As I said…The only reason to use this filter is for extended oil change interval. As long as you’re doing the same change interval as you did for dino oil, then any brand name oil filter will work exactly the same as this filter.

Fram makes one designed for synthetic oil.

Fram Ultra Synthetic XG

I use OEM Honda and AC filters for either dino or synthetic oil. Nothing in the book says anything different.

In my case a 2009 was probably before synthetic oil was around.

I have used the filter without any issues.

I would think filter manufacturers do as much or more testing and research that car manufactures.

Mobil One was first sold in 1974 - What filter?

Fram Ultra Synthetic XG

The filter will work EXACTLY the same if using regular Dino or Synthetic or Vegetable oil. It’ll trap dirt/particles exactly the same at the same rate. The difference is how MUCH material it can collect before the bypass. Filters designed to be used with Synthetic oil is only to collect more material to accommodate the perceived extended oil changes that synthetic oil allows. But if you keep the change interval the same, then there won’t be a difference.