If I'm a Professional Driving Instructor

Then should I be allowed to drive faster than the regular population and if I get stopped I show my state id card stating that I have the training and ability to handle a car at higher speeds? With all my years of experience and hours behind the wheel I should have the ability to drive above the speed limit with impunity. After all the hours behind the wheel with students that close their eyes mid turn or as they’re merging on the freeway, they turn to look at me and ask if they should move over, I should be able to push the pedal to the metal!

No you should not be able to speed. If your being serious then I cannot believe you think you are above the law and above everyone else. Even with years of service and instructing others you are no better driver than the next person. It goes without saying you drive with bad habits also.

If this question is simply an opinion poll then my answer is, no you are not entitled.

So erm. . What brought this question on?

Yes, you should be able to drive as fast as you want. Just go to your local drag strip on Grudge Night and take on all comers.

As a driving instructor, you should know that substantial speed differences can make it more likely that an accident will happen. I hope that you take some time to teach your students to change lanes slowly to give others a chance to react as needed.

When other traffic is non existent, then I agree with your proposal.

If I work at a brewery, can I drink and drive?

Do you teach your students that the speed limit signs and possible tickets do not apply based on your own perceived skills and a state id? SPAM

If you get pulled over for speeding, and show that you’re a professional driving instructor, you should lose your job.

The OP rates a ‘3’ on my troll-o-meter.

You are not a “qualified” driving instructor.

Even if you were the best driver in the world you cannot control the idiot driver in the other vehicle. Your thinking is fatally flawed.

Yeah, sure…even professional race car drivers are ticketed when speeding on the streets.
It’s posts like this that make you think twice about free speech.

If you’re serious about asking this question then you should scratch the word “professional” from your resume and substitute “bad example”.

Maybe it’s in line with the old saying that “Those who can’t do, teach”

Just because you can teach people how to drive doesn’t mean you have the reflexes or skills to handle a car at higher rates of speed, especially if the rest of the world is going slower.

Perhaps if you were a racing driver you’d have the necessary skills, but the only way I could see having licenses for people allowed to go faster would be if we had an Autobahn in the US, with lanes for slow and faster moving traffic. But since people here can’t seem to deal with left lane use on our existing highways, a lot more education would be needed as well.

Which doesn’t stop me from wishing for such a thing, especially on my drive in to work.

This is some troll…Ignore the idiot.

If you were a professional driving instructor, you would never ask such a silly question.

Perhaps a hypothetical situation?

Everyone on the road should follow the same rules, except police and ambulances, and they should have a good reason when they break one.
[Robert Gift call your office…]

A truly PROFESSIONAL driver…
Knows the right time and place for the appropriate actions.

Is it your argument that your experience somehow changes the laws of physics? Or perhaps that it give you faster reflexes?

Is it your argument that because you’re more experienced you can control the unexpected actions of the other drivers on the road better?

Perhaps your experience improves the visability from the driver’s seat? Or improves your vision? Perhaps it improves your traction, or reduces your inertia?

Perhaps it straightens out curves, or removes trees from your visual field, or perhaps it smooths out hills or removes unexpected objects from the roadway?

If all of these things are true, than you can go faster. If not, than you have no business making your claim…or teaching driver ed.