If I'm a Professional Driving Instructor

I’ve got to believe this an “April Fools” post, on the wrong day. A real professional driving instructor would know the risks of speeding and the fact the all the other cars sharing the road are not under the control of said professional driver.

If I was a cop and catch this guy speeding and he tried to tell me its OK to speed, I’m a professional driver. I’d write the ticket for the whole amount over the limit the radar gun read, and give the car a very close inspection for any thing else I could write a ticket for. I don’t think any cop would give this guy a break.

When I was a graduate assistant, I came in to my little office to work one Sunday afternoon. An older woman was in the outer office on the telephone who I didn’t recognize. She told me that it was o.k. for her to be there and use the telephone because she had a key. I went into my office and called the campus police. It turned out that the woman was making long distance calls. Her husband had retired from the institution and passed on, but she had the key and felt it was her right to come in and make long distance calls.
In the same way, I don’t think being a licensed driving instrutor gives someone the right to break the rules.

See this link

Check out the video of a Ford Focus crashing into a wall at 120 MPH.

than, if your “experience” would change the result, ask your question again.

It’s possible the OP could be serious about this.
Recently in OK a roughly 50 year old gentleman was killed when he lost control of his motorcycle on a hilly, winding 2 lane blacktop near the lake; apparently due to speed. The investigation is not complete yet.

The kicker? This guy was a long motorcycle enthusiast and motorcycle safety course instructor.
Who does the family blame? Local government for not providing more signage on the road.
My opinion is that the rider should be aware of the road in front of him rather than a sign pointing out the obvious. If the corner appears to be sharp, slow down stupid.

I’ve ridden that road a number of times on a bike and have never come close to crashing. Apparently this rider’s qualifications entitled him to hit a slow speed corner at high speed. (He was riding a rice rocket also.)

But I don’t see the OPs logic about high speeds.
A driving instructor spends their time concentrating on the laws and the vehicle functions of everyday driving.
NOWHERE in all of that do I see any special knowledge or ability for high speed operation !

In fact, YOU’RE the one who’ll be answering the questions of the students.
Why can’t we drive much fast under X conditions ?