Idling rough

the car is idling and the check engine light is flashing

the car is idling rough and the check engine light is flashing

You have a couple of posts for the same car, keep them together, it makes it easier to have folks help you. A flashing check engine light indicates a mis fire, you may have plugs that need replaced, wires that need replaced, ignition components etc. Your other post asks about gumout, gumout won’t fix a mis fire

it have all new plugs and wires so its not that

Since the check engine light is flashing, that would mean codes. Have them retreived and post codes on here. Not the definition, but the actual code/s.

what does this gum out do anyways and is it good to put in cars


Kinda looks like problem with number 6 injector and/ or wiring for injector. using something for a listening device like a long screwdriver, listen to the injectors. Chances are number 6 is silent.

what will gum out do because alot of people say it works good for that kind of stuff

That code is from an electrical malfunction of injector. Either wiring, shorted injector, or possibly even bad PCM. Snake oil is not gonna fix this one.