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1998 Honda Civic runs as long as it’s in motion

My Civic was bucking while driving after warming up. When letting off the gas it would almost appear to stall and then when adding gas again there seemed to be a delay before it would react. I replaced the Idle air control valve and the bucking has disappeared but now it is hunting for an idle when I’m stopped at a light. It runs fine so long as its in motion. Thoughts? Thank you!

Have you tried cleaning the throttle body?

Hi. Thank you for the quick response. I do spray the throttle body when I had it off to install the IACV.

have you replaced the fuel filter? it could be really dirty and starving for gas at times.
this might also help check out video from eric the car guy…

To clean the throttle body you must thoroughly clean both sides of the throttle plate. I am always impressed by how much gunk is on the back side of the throttle plate.

I had an 82 Toyota Starlet many years ago that had a fuel filter that got pretty clogged up, it behaved very much like you are describing. Replacing the fuel filter fixed the problem.