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Idle air control motor & electric door motors - '01 Grand Caravan

I’ve got a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan ES 3.8l

It’s been diagnosed with a bad idle air control motor. It “seems to run fine” and I’m just wondering if this is a necessary fix or what the consequences might be if I just let it go.

The motors for both side sliding doors and the rear hatch have also gone bad (I know, heaven forbid I actually have to use my hand to open the door!). Anybody know how tough those motors are to replace?

I can help you on the first question. An idle air control motor, also known as an idle stablizer valve, acts like a second throttle for your engine. The computer tells it to open more or less while at idle so that the same engine speed is maintained when the A/C, lights, or other things that slow down the engine turn on. In winter it can also raise the engine speed until it gets warm.

Unless it is near impossible to get to, it should not cost much for the part or for labor, as I would expect it to be a 10 minute job at most. They may be able to just take it off and clean it, it may just be sticking. You could probably wait to replace it, but if you have problems stalling you will then need to do it.

Before you change the AIS (idle) motor, try cleaning out the idle port. To do that remove the intake pipe ahead of the throttle and with the engine running feed throttle cleaner into the idle port for a while.
Point the spray nozzle ito the port entry, (but hold the spray), Then rev the engine and hold for a few sec, then drop the accelerator/throttle, this “should” open the AIS port, now spray the cleaner into the port.

Shut off the engine, and clean the throttle body and plate inside and out. replace all the parts and check.

No idea about the doors.

Those other guys are right about the IAC. But i work in a GM dealership and ive had the pleasure of replacing rear hatch motors on our chevy vans. They can be real fun sometimes and not all technicians are looking forward to replacing them but it really isnt that bad of a problem to replace them.