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Idle air control, Mitsubishi Galant 98'

how can i clean my car’s IAC ?

Remove it, spray carb cleaner thoroughly through it, replace it. It’s probably held in place by a couple of small bolts, with a couple of vacuum lines attached that also need to be popped off in order to clean it. Remember, vacuum lines become brittle with age and may already be cracked, or may become damaged by handling them, so be prepared to replace those 2 lines.

DO NOT use carburator cleaner on a throttle body! Use a throttle body/air intake cleaner. The reason? Some throttle bodies/intake plenims have a special coating internally that helps to prevent deposits from forming on these surfaces. Carburator cleaner is too harsh where it can damage/remove this special coatings. That’s why they make throttle body/air intake cleaners so these special coatings aren’t effected.