IAC Cleaning

Well started to get rough idle and some acceleration issues in Escort, changed PCV (figured worth a shot) and it helped a little but it’s gotten worse again so aiming at IAC. So I’ve read mixed reviews on how to clean these, some say to use electric cleaner and others WD, any suggestions?


I would suggest cleaning it with throttle body cleaner. That seems more appropriate, to me at least.

I see, what about mass airflow spray?

Here’s what you do.

With engine idling at operating temperature, take the handle of a screwdriver and rap on the IAC valve. If the engine idle speed changes replace the IAC valve.


@Tester if you mean RPMS I can’t tell…no RPM gauge and I don’t have techometer

Just tap on the IAC valve.

You’ll hear the RPM’s change.


Well tried it and no change. Maybe mass airflow sensor?

What year is this Escort?


98’ SE edition.

Cleaning the MAF would be a good start. Have the plugs & plug wires been replaced?

Went to take a look at MAF, looks like this maybe a weekend project with its location. If my plugs you mean spark plugs and wires I was told they were replaced before I purchased the vehicle, they look to be fairly new. I pulled a spark plug out and it had normal wearing.

Took it out on highway, ran OK today once she got going, will be looking into MAF more though.


What is your idle, after the car is warmed up?

What is the idle supposed to be . . . according to the underhood sticker?

Another thing to consider . . . IACs can’t always be cleaned successfully. Sometimes they just need to be replaced

Have you cleaned the throttle body yet?

@db4690 as in RPM? I can not tell because there is no gauge for it. Not going to aim at IAC until I clean MAF due to the fact I’d have to order in a gasket and the cost. Have not tried done anything yet, by looks of it will have to wait until day off.